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Books by John Arroyo

Never Heard

By: John Arroyo & Peggy Corvin

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I Never Heard My Dad Say: A Journey of Identity and Wholeness includes the process of freedom ministry that John Arroyo experienced during his transformation. John transparently tells experiential accounts from his life as he gained a biblical and spiritual understanding of why he acted and reacted the way he did. He learned how to break the cycle of dysfunction as he learned to closely follow his Heavenly Father. Once he heard his Father say, “You are my Beloved Son,” he wanted nothing more than to be close to his Dad.

By: Captain John Arroyo, Jr. US Army (Ret.) 
with Stan Corvin, Jr.

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Attacked at Home: A Green Beret’s Survival Story of the Fort Hood Shooting is the amazing story about second Lt. John M. Arroyo, Jr., who, on April 2, 2014, was shot in the throat and neck by another soldier who then went on to kill four soldiers, including himself, and wound 16 others.

Attacked at Home is also about John’s life beginning with his childhood in Southern California, including his time spent as a tattooed member of a violent street gang, a hopeless teenage drug addict, and then his enlistment in the U.S. Army where he ultimately becomes a Special Forces Green Beret and highly decorated officer after serving two tours of duty in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. The audiobook also tells how he uses his Christian faith to protect himself and his fellow Special Forces “Operators” while deployed to the Middle East and then relies on it to recover from the massive wounds he sustained after being shot at Fort Hood, Texas

Attacked at Home
Get Up Get Up

By: John & Angel Arroyo
with Peggy Corvin

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Written by John Arroyo, his wife, Angel Arroyo, and Peggy Corvin, a freedom minister holding a Master of Theology degree, Get Up! Get Up! Open Their Eyes supplements Attacked at Home: A Green Beret's Survival Story of the Fort Hood Shooting. It uses John and Angel's spiritual lessons as they navigated the labyrinth of hospital stays and medical recovery provided at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas.

Each lesson includes a personal application freedom guide designed to bring hope to the hopeless and healing to the wounded soul by breaking the chains of long-held strongholds crushing the spirits of so many people. John and Angel's compassion for all people created a desire to tell about the miracles they experienced and to encourage others to see God at work in their lives too. Each lesson in Get Up! Get Up! brings new awareness of God's desire to be a strong, ever-present help in the lives of all His children. Since John heard God speak to him in the middle of repeated gunshots and deadly chaos, he uses this supplemental book to encourage us all to hear Him wherever we are. Then we will Get Up and see what He is doing in and through us.


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